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Custom Arch Supports That Are Not Gel or Foam. Just Effective.

Arch Supports by Corefit Custom have been supplied to Podiatrists since 1932. For as low as $69, they help relieve the pain & pronation associated with most foot related ailments. 

Firm, moldable arch supports are considered an important tool in treating foot related problems. Our handcrafted moldable supports are designed to hold the foot in an individualized position while controlling the motion of joints go during the gait cycle. Each foot has its own unique attributes. For this reason, our heat moldable arch supports are significantly more effective than over the counter type supports. Traditionally, an impression is taken by making a plaster mold of the foot. This is usually performed with the foot in a functional position while a plaster mold hardens around it. This mold is then sent to a third party with specific instructions for the desired correction of the wearer’s foot attributes. This process is usually both time consuming and costly. Corefit® moldable supports help reduce the time required to relieve an ailing foot to minutes from days. It’s as easy as dipping them in hot water and custom fitting to the foot.

  • Immerse our custom arch supports in boiling water for 90 seconds (Never place insoles inside an oven or microwave)
  • Remove from water with tongs, grabbing the front/toe end only. If the device becomes misshaped, simply re-heat them. They will return to their original shape!
  • With a sock on the foot, place the support in position beneath the foot, then using your fingers and the heel of your hand, mold the device to the contours of the foot, paying particular attention to the longitudinal and metatarsal arch areas.
  • When our arch support device has cooled to room temperature, it is then ready to be placed in the shoe and worn.
  • If the support becomes uncomfortable, dip only the troublesome portion in boiling water and repeat manipulation by hand.
  • When reheated, the support will return to its original shape and can be re-molded.


Is arch support vital?
The arch absorbs the physical forces placed on the foot by the body while improving balance when a person is standing or moving. Arch supports are critical to this fulcrum of the foot.

Why is Corefit the best arch support insoles?
Corefit Orthotics can be custom fitted to the unique features and contours of your arches.

Are arch supports bad for your feet?
If your feet have high arches, flat arch supports would be inadequate for your feet. Likewise, if you have flat feet, insoles with arch support could cause discomfort while your feet adjust to the additional support.

Do arch supports hurt at first?
Similar to a first time denture wearer whose gums must adjust to the sensation of a denture appliance against its surface,  flat feet could experience initial discomfort while your feet adjust and become accustomed to the additional support provided.

How do I know if I need arch support?
Try taking a foot arch test at home!

A simple way to determine whether you have flat feet or high arches is to follow these easy instructions:

        • Pour water into a pan (one big enough to fit your foot with the water just deep enough for all parts of the bottom of your foot to get wet).
        • Step into the water one foot at a time, carefully removing each foot from the pan of water and stepping onto a flattened brown paper bag or piece of cardboard that will show your footprint. Be sure to place your body’s full weight on it).
        • Remove your foot from the bag/cardboard and take a photo for comparison.

What Do My Results Mean?

Examine your footprints. You should see one of the following three imprint types:

Normal Arches:

If the middle portion or arch of your footprint is just about halfway filled in with a minor curve along the arch, your arches are at the proper height to absorb and distribute the impact from walking and other physical activity.

High Arches:

If you see in your footprint only your heel, the ball of your foot, and your toes, you have high arches. This means your feet have an extra hard time absorbing impact and need extra support.

Flat Feet:

If your footprint looks like a flattened, complete foot, you most likely have flat feet. This will cause your feet to “pronate” when you walk or run (your foot will roll inward), which is not so great for your knees and legs; your chances of developing plantar fasciitis as your arch is strained are higher.

What does arch support feel like?

You should notice a discernible, supportive resistance against your arch, noticeable where before it was not.

How can I improve my fallen arches?

Using a supportive high arch insert like Corefit Orthotics is advisable.

Can you have too much arch support?

Yes. It’s important to use not a “one size fits all” type of support, but rather one which can be custom molded to the unique attributes of your feet.

How can I strengthen the arch of my foot?

        1. Try to go bare foot on carpeted, grassy or sandy surfaces as often as possible.
        2. Achilles Tendon stretch exercises.
        3. Do toe curls, ankle curls and foot stretches.

Custom Arch Supports by Corefit® are manufactured by California Leather Jobbing Corporation. If you have any comments or questions regarding any of our products, please contact us by phone at 1-800-672-4987 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST or by email at