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Stop The Squeaking

Stop Your Orthotics From Squeaking: Four Easy Solutions

Squeaking caused by custom orthotic inserts is a common problem for many wearers. Podiatrists have discovered many solutions over the years to help remedy the problem. Here’s are some of our favorites:


squeaking orthotics

Dust the Tops and Bottoms of your Orthotic Inserts with Corn Starch or Talcum Powder. 

Generously sprinkling corn starch or powder inside the bottom of the shoe and placing the orthotic insoles back inside can help reduce the friction and stop the squeaking. It doesn’t always work, and you may have to keep re-dusting them.

Apply Velcro to the Bottoms of Your Orthotic Inserts

Generally speaking, squeaking is caused by movement of the orthotic in the shoe. Placing something underneath can minimize that movement, and the noise. Try sticking a strip of velcro tape, furry side up, on the inside of your shoe base of your shoe. Then, stick a second piece under the base of the orthotic insert at the point you can feel the movement or gap. When both are sticking together,  your squeaking should stop.

Use a Dryer Sheet

Cut a piece of dryer sheet into the shape of your orthotic insert and place it under your insert. Pop the insole back on top and the friction should be reduced enough to stop your shoe inserts from squeaking.

Try Moleskin

If the squeak occurs at the heel, stick a square of Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin on the bottom of your shoe. It helps cushion the orthotic and can help stop the problem.


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