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Arch Supports by Corefit Custom®

Podiatrist Approved Custom Arch Supports • Because No Two Feet Are Alike
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Clinically proven pain free support for high and low arches

Arch Supports by Corefit are an affordably priced custom solution for arch discomfort from a proven name in foot care for over 90 years. Our podiatrist approved arch support inserts are handcrafted in the USA for custom fitting and provide the impact absorption and gait correction needed to keep your feet pain free, all-day long. Corefit is an affordable alternative to podiatrist prescribed orthotics.

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“Works wonders on aching feet and knees…”

“I was skeptical this support would work and even more skeptical of the process to fit it to my own feet. Easy. After wearing them for one day inside my athletic shoes, I have zero foot and knee pain. (I know about foot pain.)” 

Arch support inserts are often prescribed to those suffering from overpronation, high arch and flat feet. The arch runs along the bottom of the foot from heel to ball. It’s made up of three separate arches that collectively form a triangle; each arch is comprised of bones, tendons and ligaments. Arch related foot pain is common, particularly among very active individuals and athletes. Resting the feet and performing occasional light stretches are often enough to reduce discomfort. Two common sources of arch pain are structural issues and injury. Both sources can be aggravated by factors which include:

  • Obesity/Weight Gain
  • Aging
  • Overuse

Our custom arch supports properly distribute the weight and balance of your entire foot, resulting in arch support inserts with no pressure points, no strain of the inner or outer arch and a wonderful overall feeling under the metatarsal arch area.

Arch Supports
For Arch Pain Relief

Corefit Custom
Arch Support Inserts

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Arch Support Inserts
Stabilize Your Feet

Shoe inserts help improve both your foot health and general health in many ways. Well-fitted orthotic insoles help slow the spread of damage & pain to the feet, knees, hips, and back.

We are an affordable alternative to podiatrist prescribed orthotics and a more effective solution than store-bought insoles. Corefit supports provide near-podiatrist level benefits for a fraction of the price. When fitted properly, our inserts can help offset the imbalances inherent with flat feet (which can in time, cause severe ankle and knee damage.) With the use of proper arch support inserts, it’s possible to correct gait and minimize flat or collapsed arch related issues.

Conversely, those with high arches can experience stress related pain in the tendons along the bottom of the feet as most mass manufactured shoes lack adequate support in the arch regions. Whether your feet supinate, pronate, or fall somewhere between, our custom inserts provide the arch stabilizing support your foot requires.

Expensive Custom Fitting
Is Now a Thing of The Past

Ordering custom inserts can often be a time consuming and expensive process. Typically, a patient goes to a podiatrist to receive a full examination. These exams can include everything from a treadmill gait analysis to X-rays of the feet. In addition to the time and frustration of booking appointments and waiting for orthotic inserts to arrive in the mail, these custom orthotics can also come with a hefty price tag.

For over 90 years, we have handcrafted custom insoles that are both an affordable alternative to podiatrist prescribed inserts and  easy to fit yourself. Corefit inserts are fitted to your feet in the comfort of your home so there’s no need to set up office visits and examinations. Once fitted to the unique contours of your feet, our shoe inserts can then be placed on top of your existing insoles.

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Arch Inserts That Help Restore Pain Free Mobility


Corefit Supports provide firm, customized comfort at an affordable price. When correctly fitted, our supports provide balanced weight distribution for the feet while eliminating foot and knee pain, improving posture stability and controlling unhealthy foot motion.

Arch Support Inserts by Corefit are custom conformed to your non-weight bearing feet from a seated position. Seated fitting allows for custom memorization of your relaxed feet, providing shock absorbing support to your feet when walking, running or standing.

Prescribed inserts work best because they are specifically tailored to your foot. At the next tier, custom orthotics can provide greater levels of comfort than those purchased off the shelf. Podiatrist prescribed custom inserts are often far pricier and more time consuming to acquire than standard, mass produced retail insoles.

Arch Supports:
Are They Worth
The Cost?

Do Custom Inserts
Really Help?

Custom orthotic devices are often pricy – costing hundreds of dollars. Many of these are not covered by standard insurance plans, meaning you may end up absorbing the full cost. This expense is increased by appointments and tests required to create personalized supports. By the end of the process, you could be looking at a bill of $300 or more.

Alternatively, off-the-shelf shoe inserts that you typically find at supermarkets and drug stores often do less to help your feet. The soft material these products are manufactured from may cushion your feet, making walking more comfortable, but do very little to stabilize or support them. These insoles may seem like an affordable alternative to custom supports, but over time they won’t be very being effective.

Corefit Custom Insoles® bridge the gap between store bought insoles and podiatrist prescribed orthotics. Our moldable supports are firm, supportive and custom fit to your foot. Whether you suffer from high arches or flat feet, Corefit Orthotics deliver a more pain-free gait.