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Relieve Lower Back, Knee & Foot Pain. Self Moldable Custom Shoe Inserts

If you’ve spent any time dealing with foot pain or back pain, chances are you’ve heard of arch supports, but what are they really? Arch supports are shaped pieces of material that you insert into your shoe to help support the arch of your foot and reduce pain in the affected area. However, there are far more types of arch supports than you can find sitting on the shelf at a retail store.

Arch support inserts work best when they are specifically tailored to your foot. Custom arch support insoles provide greater levels of comfort than those purchased off the shelf. Custom inserts are often far pricier and more time consuming to get than a standard retail insole.

At Corefit Orthotics, we’ve eliminated the middleman to provide you top-tier comfort and convenience for an affordable price. When molded and installed correctly, our custom arch supports provide better weight distribution on your feet. This can eliminate pain, improve your posture and control unhealthy foot motion.

How Our Custom Arch Supports
Help Your Feet

Custom arch supports can help improve both your foot health and your general health in many ways. Well-fitted arch supports help slow the spread of pain throughout your knees, hips, back and feet.

We offer an affordable alternative to custom orthotics and a more effective solution than store-bought insoles. Corefit moldable arch supports provide near-podiatrist level benefits for a fraction of the price.

Installed properly, our arch supports can prevent flat feet from overpronating. As time goes on, overpronation can cause severe ankle and knee issues, but with the proper support, you can correct your gait and avoid these issues. Conversely, those with high arches can experience pain in the tendons along the bottom of their feet as most shoes lack adequate arch support. This can also lead to significant pain if left alone. Whether you supinate, pronate, or fall somewhere between, our moldable foot inserts can ensure you receive exactly the type of support your foot requires.

Wanna Try Our Custom
Arch Supports?

Obtaining custom arch support inserts can often be a time consuming and expensive process. Typically a patient will have to go to a podiatrist to receive a full examination. These exams can include everything from a treadmill gait analysis to X-rays. On top of the time and frustration of booking appointments and waiting for your arch support insole to arrive, these tests and appointments can also come with a hefty price tag.

For over 90 years, we at Corefit Orthotics, have handcrafted a custom arch support that is both convenient to use and affordable. Our arch supports are self-fitting so you don’t need to set up countless tests and examinations. All you need do to get a pair of our orthotic arch supports is order them here, and fit them to your feet in the comfort of your own home!

Self Moldable Custom Arch Supports

The Price
of Custom
Arch Supports

Do Custom Arch Supports
Really Help?

Custom supports are often pricy – costing hundreds of dollars. Many of these are not covered by standard insurance plans, meaning you may end up taking on the full cost. The cost is further increased by the appointments and tests required to create a personalized arch support. By the end of the process, you could be looking at nearly $600 or more in cost.

Alternatively, off-the-shelf supports that you might find at a big box retail store often do less to help your feet. The soft material contained in most of these products cushions your foot, making walking more comfortable but doing little to support your foot. These insoles may seem like an affordable alternative to custom arch supports, but over time they will stop being effective.

Corefit custom arch supports bridge the gap between these two models of insoles. Our heat-moldable arch supports are firm, supportive and custom fit to your foot. Whether you suffer from high arches or flat feet, Corefit arch supports can help you live a more pain-free life. Compared to other insoles, Corefit shoe inserts are more affordable as low as only $69 dollars and are often as beneficial as custom-created models that would get from a podiatrist.

The Custom Arch Support You Fit At Home

While most arch supports machine stamped and sold over the counter, our handcrafted custom inserts are molded to each foot in the comfort of your home . This ensures that your feet receive the exact level of support that your unique feet require.

Custom Arch Supports by Corefit have been supplied to podiatrists,
medical professionals & the US Veterans Administration since 1932