Privacy Policy

The state of California passed a law effective January 1, 2020. This law (California Consumer Privacy Act) provides rights for all California residents as it relates to their personal information.

Information for Nevada Consumers: Privacy Rights

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes Sections 603A.300-360 we are required to disclose to Nevada consumers information related to the sale of personal information. (California Leather Jobbing Corp.) does not sell customer information as covered by the above statute. Nevada consumers may still submit a request for their information not to be sold by submitting a request here. (California Leather Jobbing Corp.) does not sell customer personal information nor do we store sensitive information we’ve collected to process an order on our website. does collect information and we share that information only as necessary to process your order, improve the experience of our website, and to support marketing programs.

California consumers have the following privacy rights:

• You have the right to know what personal information is collected.
• You have the right to know if personal data is being sold or shared, and to whom.
• You have the right to decline the sale of personal data.
• You have the right to access the personal information we collect and store about you.
• You have the right to equal service and price, even for consumers that exercise privacy rights.

All requests to access or decline the sell of personal information can be submitted here. You may also submit your request by calling 800-672-4987 Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM Pacific Standard Time.

Categories of Information:

During the most recent 12 month period, we have collected the information from the following categories:

Identifying Information:

Full Name, aliases or screen names, postal address, Internet Protocol Address, email address, phone number, and usernames and passwords created by you on our website.

Internet or Activity Information (Non-Identifiable):

Browsing history on our website, network information, device information, search history, and other behavioral interactions with the content on our website.

Geolocation Data

How we use this type of information:

Identifying Information:
Need to list the marketing activities in use that leverage this information, describe how the information is used to process their order, and any other uses of the information outside of these activities. Include information related to preventing fraudulent activity, calculate applicable sales taxes, and to satisfy applicable laws that require order information retention.

Internet or Activity Information (Non-Identifiable):

Non-identifiable information is often used to track behavioral activity on our website for the purpose of providing recommended products or content, and or in aggregate to improve the experience on the website. collects identifying information through direct requests from our customers to enroll in our email programs, and or through the process of gathering information to process an order on your behalf.

Internet or Activity Information (Non-Identifiable):

Activity information is tracked via cookies which are small files stored on your device that tracks content and browsing history on the website. Cookies are also used collect information such as browser type, device type, and referring source to store in applications that aid in the improvement of the website and marketing programs.

Internet Address Protocol Address is captured and matched to a general location (Zip Code) that identify locations for Custom Orthotics Kiosks and retail partners nearest to your location.