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I graduated from podiatry school in the late 1950’s and associated with 2 established practitioners for 2-3 years. One of my main functions in the two offices was making orthotics and I made 10-15 pair every week.

I then started my own practice in another area and met a senior practitioner in this area who showed me your orthotic.

At first I thought it was no good for lots of reasons, but that was really stupid. Because over the years I started slowly using your orthotic. Indeed in later years I used your orthotic almost exclusively.

I presently am wearing your orthotic that I have worn for 30-35 years. I have made a few minor adjustments and they have not changed or deteriorated in all this time.

Your orthotics are absolutely the best for most conditions.”

Dr. Earl Bielmier, DPM

I have had many orthodics in my life due to very flat feet and drop foot twice. My least expensive set is $400.00 So I tried these out in hopes of doing back yard work in mud and so on. Fantastic product is just the tip. These can be reset if they feel odd. These are strong enough forcing me to stand much better. Tremendous value for the money. Nothing Like the “Put Your Foot In Foam” products. This is in the real orthodic league.

Richard - Chelsea, MI

Arch Supports That Help Restore Mobility

Problems that can arise with the arch are generally revolve around high arches & flat feet. Foot arches are developed typically at around the age of 2-3 years of age; flat feet during infancy is normal for our feet. As we age, the weight and stress our feet endure daily slowly begin to take a toll on our physical health. What starts as foot pain can gradually morph into ankle, knee, and back discomfort. Corefit Custom Arch Supports are firm and custom fitted to your non-weight bearing feet from a seated position. This allows for memorization of your relaxed foot, providing shock absorption to your feet while walking, running or standing.

High Arches can appear and become worse as we get older. With this higher arch, the ability of the foot to provide shock absorption while walking is weakened. This increases stress on the heel and ball of the foot. Symptoms can include foot pain, which radiates to the leg, ankle, hip, and thigh. This discomfort can travel up the leg and back due to the unusually high stress placed on the heel area during the heel strike of our gait cycle. High Arch pain and discomfort are managed by providing support for the foot through insole supporting inserts.. Reducing the amount of weight the foot has to bear, via overall weight loss can also improve the symptoms. Over the counter foam or gel arch supports are often too soft to give the feet any measurable support or stability. Custom Arch Support Inserts provide firm stability and shock-absorbing resistance. This, in turn, allows your feet to walk and run with significant foot, ankle, and back pain relief. Collapsed or Flat Arches often occur as a result of extreme stress imposed on the foot. Since tight tendons form our arches, injury or trauma can collapse the arch of a foot, causing Flat Arches (flat feet). Symptoms can include foot or ankle pain after prolonged activity. Podiatrists generally recommend treatment, which consists of the use of arch-supporting inserts for shoes. Corefit Arch Supports help provide this support to the foot. They lend a pronounced zone of customized arch stabilization to the foot and extending the legs, hips and back.

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