4.4 (1,213)
I graduated from podiatry school in the late 1950’s and associated with 2 established practitioners for 2-3 years. Your orthotics are absolutely the best for most conditions.”

Dr. Earl Bielmier, Podiatrist

As a field technician that walks approx 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day I CANNOT leave home without these custom insoles.

Sebastian O. Chatsworth, CA

“Too much money. Why do not buy a sheet of the product, sold at Amazon for around $70 and one can make over 5 pairs?”

Nelson Detroit, MI

“I have had many orthodics in my life due to very flat feet and drop foot twice. My least expensive set is $400.00 So I tried these out in hopes of doing back yard work in mud and so on. Fantastic product is just the tip. These can be reset if they feel odd. These are strong enough forcing me to stand much better. Tremendous value for the money. Nothing Like the “Put Your Foot In Foam” products. This is in the real orthodic league.”

Richard Chelsea, MI

“Great heal cup. Only issue I have is one them squeaks and I put in the cloths I got but they still squeak. I am looking for help”

Geri P

“The Corefit Custom Orthotic didn’t work for my feet and although Amazon wouldn’t allow a return from the Amazon site (deemed product non-returnable), I was able to contact Corefit directly (spoke with Kat) and received a timely refund. I returned the product directly to them as a Corefit-Return (Amazon).”

Carol R. Miami, Fl

“I have had foot issues for a couple of decades now. And have tried many different brands, including professionally made ones by doctors and orthotic technicians. The technician who made my best ones retired almost 15 years ago, and although they still work to some degree they were no longer doing what I needed. As many of you people who suffer with foot pain know that our feet change and orthotics that once worked stop working for a while and I find I need to change brands/type. And that likely my oldest best ones will once again someday be what I need. In the mean time these ones by Corefit are exactly what I needed.

Oddly enough though I did Not need to follow their instructions, I just inserted them into my shoes and in about three days my feet adapted to them, as I find I need with all orthotics, and I am out of pain again. Thank you!
I have now purchased three pairs so far. As two pairs I have in my work footwear. And one pair in my personal shoes.

Mr. Siddler

“13 year old daughter says best ones she’s tried. My daughter complained of aching feet all the time. She’s telling me now to buy another pair so she doesn’t have to move them between shoes. Her feet don’t hurt at all when she’s wearing them, and with the custom molding they fit her perfectly. You can reset and remold them at any time..”


“Sturdy and Great Idea/Product design. Works only as good as your ability to make a fitted mold. I really wanted to give it a 4.5 just because the molding process was quite tasking on my forearm and finger muscles. I have mounded it twice, and I did a much better job the 2nd time after I knew what my feet really needed.
This product is sturdy just like a an arch support should be. That it’s infinitely customizable (so I was told) makes it all the more wonderful.
If you really want this product to work for you, you really have to make the best arch your feet can make such as when you stand on your toes. Then you really have to press the arch support to your very arch curves and hold it for a while until it sets so you don’t lose the shape while it remains hot. That way it really supports your arch when your arch begins to buckle under.
I can tell you the mounding was burning my fingers and exhausting my muscles, so get thick gloves, wear socks, and be ready to get your forearms worked up.
This product is worth my money and even happens to be much cheaper than some of the other terrible orthotics I have wasted my money on recently.

Sochima. Oakland, CA

“I was skeptical this support would work and even more skeptical of the process to fit it to my own feet. However, it’s simple enough for me to do it without goofing it up. Put the support into boiling water, take it out with a pair of tongs, sit down on a chair with socks on and put your foot into the support, pressing it up on the sides to hug the foot. Easy.

After wearing them for one day inside my athletic shoes, I have zero foot and knee pain. Usually by this time of day (8:30 pm), I have my heating pad wrapped around my knees and I am hoping I can make it to bedtime without taking prescription pain medicine. My feet and knees suffer because of a ridiculously high instep. (I have had Jones fractures on both feet that required titanium pins. I know about foot pain.) But here I am relaxing on my bed writing this review without a heating pad or pain medicine or shooting pains through my feet and legs.

It’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned. I do think wearing lace up shoes helps this support do it’s job. This product isn’t for loafers or slippers. However, I would gladly wear athletic shoes with this support every day for the rest of my life if I can be pain free like I am tonight.
I wore a light weight sock when molding the support and I wore a medium weight sock all day today. I was on my feet for over 12 hours. I can’t believe it. No pain. Zero.

Try this support. I wear a ladies 8.5 and I bought the size 9 support. Perfect fit. Don’t know about the men’s sizes but I assume they will be as accurate as the ladies’ sizes. I have spent a small fortune on supports and shoe inserts as I’m sure you have if you are reading this. I risked another $70 and it was worth it. Wonderful product that does what it says.”

Kate D. Lexington, KY