What Customers are Saying About Corefit Insoles

I graduated from podiatry school in the late 1950’s and associated with 2 established practitioners for 2-3 years. One of my main functions in the two offices was making orthotics and I made 10-15 pair every week.

I then started my own practice in another area and met a senior practitioner in this area who showed me your orthotic.

At first I thought it was no good for lots of reasons, but that was really stupid. Because over the years I started slowly using your orthotic. Indeed in later years I used your orthotic almost exclusively.

I presently am wearing your orthotic that I have worn for 30-35 years. I have made a few minor adjustments and they have not changed or deteriorated in all this time.

Your orthotics are absolutely the best for most conditions.”

Dr. Earl Bielmier, DPM

I have had many orthodics in my life due to very flat feet and drop foot twice. My least expensive set is $400.00 So I tried these out in hopes of doing back yard work in mud and so on. Fantastic product is just the tip. These can be reset if they feel odd. These are strong enough forcing me to stand much better. Tremendous value for the money. Nothing Like the “Put Your Foot In Foam” products. This is in the real orthodic league.

Richard - Chelsea, MI

As a field technician that walks approx 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day I CANNOT leave home without these custom insoles. A few months ago I started getting extremely painful/ shooting pain on the bottom of my heals, specially early in the morning. It turned out to be plantar fasciitis. So complaining to a friend they recommended these custom corefit to me. A God send ! Within the first few days I started to climb right back up to my normal steps again and felt a significant amount of pressure and pain disappear!

Sebastian O. Chatsworth, CA
“I have found this product easy to set to my (flat) feet and that it works quite well. It does what is is supposed to do, give your feet and heel support so that they hurt less. I have two pairs. They compare well with “Good Feet” which cost a few hundred more.”
George K. Columbia, SC

Well made but hard as rock. Maybe good for standing, but impossible for me to wear walking and unthinkable for running or working out. Fitting was easy – wear socks and use pot holders while you form the device. For me they did not work but your needs may be different. They are, as stated, well made but I had to send mine back.

Mr Venom. New York, NY
“I waited several weeks after wearing these to review these because I didn’t want to claim they helped me and then have the pain come back. I almost gave up on these within the first few hours of wearing them, but I’m glad I didn’t. Did they fix my arch and heel pain? Yep! A++++”
Nancy A. Dallas, TX

I had a pair of arch supports made for me by an Orthopedic Surgeon years ago which work very well until they fell apart from wear and tear. I now have purchased 2 orthotics from Corefit and I have to admit that work very, very well. I can walk a very long way without aching in my back and hips. I recommend them.

Jim H. Columbus, OH

Bought this about a month ago after starting a new job which requires me to walk in between 6-10 miles a day. By the end of the day, with plantar fasciitis on my left foot, I could barely walk. Ordered this and I could feel the difference the next time I went to work again. Without this insole I wouldn’t be able to do my job. I recommend this insole to anyone with plantar fasciitis.

Pedro R. New York, NY

“I take shoes 11 1/2 to 12; the size 12 I ordered is a little too small; customer service advised me to return them and get a larger size; but I need to pay for return shipping that may be pricey. I managed to adjust them and they are OK. Actually somewhat better than regular over the counter ones. The adjustment was very easy, and they stay in place without slipping. I give them 3 stars”

Alex B. Engel
I LOVE this product! I used to hate buying arch supports because I could never find ones that worked. They make being on my feet all day, so much easier. I came home the first day after wearing them and told my husband “my feet don’t hurt!” I hadn’t remembered a time that had happened before. I almost cried!
Tricia P. Orlando, FL