Custom Orthotics


Simply Dip in Hot Water. Custom Fit in Seconds!

Rigid 3/4 Length Orthotics

“I’ve used your heat moldable orthotics for 25 years of practice. They’re durable, relatively inexpensive and have been an excellent over-the-counter supportive device.”

Dr. Michael O’Toole, Podiatrist

“I ordered these custom orthotics because of intense pains in my feet and up into my calves. Easy to custom shape in hot water, and they have made a remarkable improvement in a short period of time. Every day is a little bit better, and looking forward to tomorrow, which is something I would not have said a month ago.”

Bruce B, Kissimmee, FL

orthotics side view

Orthotics that are Not Gel or Foam. Just Effective. 


Shark Tank Investor & Corefit Orthotics® Partner Kevin Harrington loves our custom orthotics & so will you. Our self moldable orthotics bridge the gap between podiatrist prescribed custom orthotics and flimsy rubber, gel and foam insoles. Most over the counter orthotic inserts are fabricated from simple cellular sponge and/or foam rubber materials. These orthotics may provide some shock absorption, but minimal (if any) therapeutic control and support. Our self moldable inserts are handcrafted in the USA and can be personalized to fit any individual foot in just seconds by simply dipping the insert in hot water and custom fitting to the foot. It’s that simple!

The foot is held in a natural position to cushion heel, arch, instep and metatarsal joints. Corefit® moldable orthotics help prevent heel roll, and provide better posture while providing better weight distribution. As a result, our orthotic inserts help control abnormal foot motion, especially excessive pronation. This motion, over extended periods, can lead to the development of conditions which include Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain), shin splints and lower back pain.

Corefit Orthotics® simplify the fitting process:

  • Immerse our moldable orthotic inserts in boiling water for 90 seconds (Never place insoles inside a microwave)
  • Remove from water with tongs, grabbing the front/toe end only. If inserts become mis-shaped, simply re-heat them. They will return to their original shape!
  • In a seated position with legs crossed, and socks on, place the warm insert in position beneath your foot. Then, using your fingers and the heel of your hand, mold the insert to the contours of the foot, paying particular attention to the longitudinal and metatarsal arch areas (ball of foot).
  • When orthotic device has cooled to room temperature, it is then ready to be placed in the shoe and worn.
  • If orthotics become uncomfortable, dip only the troublesome portion in boiling water and repeat manipulation by hand.
  • When reheated, the orthotic insert will return to its original shape and can be remolded.


Corefit® Orthotics branded products are manufactured by California Leather Jobbing Corporation. If you have any comments or questions regarding any of our products, please contact us by phone at 1-800-672-4987 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST or by email at