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“I was skeptical this support would work and even more skeptical of the process to fit it to my own feet. Easy. After wearing them for one day inside my athletic shoes, I have zero foot and knee pain. (I know about foot pain.)” – Kate D.

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Why Custom

When most people picture orthotics, they imagine soft gel insoles that can be purchased from the supermarket or drug store. In reality, true inserts are firm devices that are custom molded to your foot by a podiatrist. Those soft over the counter gel and foam insoles may help to make walking and standing temporarily more comfortable, but fall flat when it comes to correcting issues or relieving pain in the long term.

Orthotics insoles provide firm support to areas where your natural foot shape does not. If you have high arches, inserts work to provide missing arch support in areas where your arch is flat. This helps minimize the accompanying overpronation which can cause long term issues with your knees and back. Over time, custom orthotics inserts help correct posture issues and can minimize – and even eliminate – foot pain, knees, hips and back.

Corefit supports are designed to correct these issues. Unlike standard arch supports, our 3/4 length orthotics support and stabilize the weight bearing areas of the foot. This produces a more weight stabilizing support that can help correct issues with heels, ankles and arches.

While custom foot devices are a worthwhile investment that can improve your quality of life, they do have a shelf life of their own. How long they last is dependent upon your weight and lifestyle, but a typical well fitted insert can last between one and five years.

Can Orthotics Insoles
Relieve My Foot Pain?

Custom orthotics inserts are prescribed by a podiatrist when they decide foot issues are severe enough to warrant their use. Getting a podiatrist made custom insole is often a lengthy and costly process. It involves visits to the doctor’s office to receive X-rays and tests that analyze your gait and foot structure. This time consuming process results in a fitted insert that corrects existing foot issues and helps improve foot health and quality of life.

If you’re one of the many who are looking for a similar level of support, but don’t want the time consuming expense of having orthotics insoles made by a podiatrist, Corefit is for you. Our insoles are custom fitted to your foot in the comfort your home and are more affordable than similar quality products.

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Corefit Custom Fit Orthotics • Superior Foot Comfort & Support

Custom orthotics insoles for foot pain

the comfort
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Do Custom Orthotics
Really Help?

With so many options available, deciding between the cost and time involved in getting podiatrist prescribed inserts or just simply buying off-the -shelf shoe insoles may seem confusing. However, the options you’ll find in retail stores won’t provide anywhere near the level of stabilizing foot support a podiatrist fitted orthotic insole will. Off-the-shelf brands, like Dr. Scholl’s arch support inserts, are usually soft and made from porous gels and foams that may temporarily relieve the comfort of walking but do not offer long term support or comfort to arches and feet.

The difference between these two types of shoe inserts is night and day. Prescribed inserts are firm, and provide the support required in problem areas of your foot. Additionally, the difference in cost between off-the-shelf insoles and custom fitted inserts is significant. Drug store inserts can be purchased for as little as $14, while podiatrist fitted custom orthotics insoles can cost well into the hundreds of dollars. Corefit Custom Orthotics bridge the gap between these two options by providing podiatrist-prescribed levels of support at more affordable, slightly above over-the-counter prices.

As company founder Joseph Zinke intended in 1932, our inserts are designed to be custom fitted to your feet by you, at home, through a simple process. This drastically reduces the fitting time involved and the purchase price of our custom insoles – which cost just as little as $59.95 – while providing the stabilizing support your feet need.