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Corefit Orthotics® Podiatrist Grade Custom Insoles

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I am buying my second pair of these after 1 year with the first pair. After more than 10 years of dealing with what I thought were weak ankles, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Who knew all I was missing was a little arch support! I showed these to my doctor and physical therapist and they both said it looked to be a good product. I have boiled them twice in the last year (since the initial boiling) to reshape them. So much better than $800 custom orthotics that aren’t covered by insurance.” – Dawn S.  Los Angeles, CA

Custom Insoles since 1932

Custom Orthotics, Plantar Fasciitis & Arch Supports All-In-One

A study conducted by The Foot & Ankle Center of Washington found that in the opinion of many podiatrists, The “Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Kiosk” is a machine which simply measures weight pressure to recommend a specific custom insoles model. You step onto a platform (shoes removed) with 2,000 pressure point sensors which indicate where you typically apply the most pressure while standing. Based on the data generated, you are then told which of their 14 orthotic insert models you should buy for your feet. While the kiosk does indeed measure weight pressure while standing, there is no evidence that pressure readings provide any information that can help in choosing the shape of custom insoles.

Corefit Custom Insoles® are firm and designed to be  custom fit to your non-weight bearing feet from a seated position. This allows for custom memorization of your relaxed foot, providing shock absorption to your feet while walking, running or standing.

Simply Dip in Hot Water  Custom Fit to Foot in Seconds

Our handcrafted moldable arch supports are designed to hold the foot in an individualized position while controlling joint movement during the gait cycle. Our heat moldable custom insoles are significantly more effective than over the counter type arch supports.

Providing Foot Pain Relief Since 1932

Our self moldable custom orthotics bridge the gap between podiatrist prescribed custom orthotics and flimsy rubber, gel and foam insoles. Those orthotics may provide some shock absorption, but offer minimal (if any) therapeutic control and support.

Custom Insoles that YOU Mold to your Feet

Relieve Your Lower Back, Knee & Foot Pain. Our firm, podiatrist grade plantar fasciitis inserts correct and relieve the pain & pronation associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, High, Medium & Flat Arch Ailments.



  • Immerse our self moldable custom insoles in boiling water for 90 seconds (Never place inserts inside a microwave or oven)
  • Remove from water with tongs, grasping each by the front of insert only. (Handle with a wash cloth or towel to avoid injury
  • From a seated position with socks on feet, cross each leg over the knee one at a time, placing the warm insert in position beneath each foot individually. Using your finger tips and the heels of your hands, mold each insert to the contours of each foot, paying particular attention to the longitudinal and metatarsal arch areas.
  • After fitting, allow inserts time to cool to room temperature. They are then ready to be placed on top of existing shoe insoles and worn.
  • If a portion of the insert becomes uncomfortable, dip the troublesome portion in boiling water and repeat custom fitting by hand. When reheated, your custom insoles will return to their original shape, ready for re-fitting.
Custom Inserts for Complete Arch and Foot Support

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