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Custom Insoles by Corefit Orthotics®

Podiatrist Approved 3/4 Length Custom Insoles • Because Good Foot Care Matters
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Corefit Custom Insoles® Customized Support, Comfort & Pain Relief

“An excellent over-the-counter supportive device…”

“I’ve used your heat moldable orthotic inserts for 25 years of practice. They’re durable, relatively inexpensive and have been an excellent over-the-counter supportive device.”– Dr. Michael O’Toole, Podiatrist

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Custom Insoles by Corefit Orthotics® are an affordable alternative to podiatrist prescribed inserts from a proven name in foot care for over 90 years. Our custom insoles memorize the unique shape and profile of each foot because you fit them while seated, without your body’s weight standing on them. Corefit Orthotics provide impact absorbing foot comfort, all-day long.

Something as simple as poor biomechanics can often be the cause many foot-related problems. Store bought orthotics are often too soft to provide real support to feet. At the other end of the spectrum, medically prescribed orthotic devices can cost in the hundreds of dollars and can take up to six weeks to fit, mold and ship. Corefit Custom Insoles® are used by podiatrists nationwide, are handcrafted in the USA and provide the gait correction & stress impact absorption needed to keep your feet pain free, all-day long. (And they’re 3/4 length, leaving plenty of wiggle room for your toes!) Try them risk free with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Rush Shipping

Custom Insoles for
Foot Pain Relief

Corefit Orthotics®

From $59 Pair

FSA/HSA Eligible • Made in USA

“Great product and the best feeling ever…”

“These are as you have advertised. I couldn’t be happier. I have severe damage to right heel but after one week of wearing Corefit there is great relief from pain …”– Pamela B.

Corefit Custom Insoles® have been handcrafted in the USA by our family owned business since 1932. Shoe Maker Joseph Zinke founded our company after years of handmaking custom shoes for affluent clients which commanded upwards of $1800 a pair in today’s dollars. Extensive research and development resulted in the creation of our evolutionary “Miracle Foot Form Support” which is designed to be custom fitted in the comfort of a wearers home. This self fitting approach ensures an accurately personalized fit, thus ensuring targeted relief from foot ailment discomfort and fatigue. Corefit Custom Insoles® provide the same level of comfort his affluent shoe clients enjoyed.

Quick & Easy to Fit at Home…in Minutes!

Our arch supports hold the foot in an individualized position while controlling joint movement during the gait cycle. Corefit Custom Insoles are more effective than over the counter type orthotics and shoe inserts.

Podiatrist Approved Since 1932

Our self moldable custom orthotics bridge the gap between podiatrist prescribed orthotics and flimsy rubber, gel and foam insoles.

Custom Insoles You Fit at Home

Insoles that relieve your lower back, knee & foot pain. Our firm, podiatrist grade plantar fasciitis inserts correct misalignment and relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spur, high & low arches.



  • Immerse our custom insoles in hot water for 30 seconds.
  • Remove from water with tongs, grasping each by the front of insert only.
  • From a seated position with socks on feet, cross each leg over the knee one at a time, placing the warm insert in position beneath each foot individually. Using your finger tips and the heels of your hands, mold each insert to the unique contours of each foot, paying particular attention to the longitudinal and metatarsal arch areas.
  • After fitting, allow inserts to cool to room temperature. They are then ready to be placed on top of existing shoe insoles and worn.
  • If a portion of the insert becomes uncomfortable, dip the troublesome portion in boiling water and repeat custom fitting by hand. Whenever re-boiled, your custom insoles will return to their original shape and ready for re-fitting.
Custom Insoles for Complete Arch and Foot Support

Not Gel. Not Foam.
Just Effective.

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Made in USA

plantar fasciitis inserts for foot pain

Custom Fit
to any foot in
just minutes!

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