Orthotic Inserts for Men

The use of orthotic inserts can have a major impact on your health. Did you know that a foot condition can immediately impair the normal functioning of your body? Excessive pronation, for instance, affects three quarters of the US population. Sufferers often avoid standing, causing them to miss many opportunities in their lives.

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition that strikes up to 10% of Americans during a lifetime. And this condition can be addressed by wearing orthotic inserts.

Your foot is the main part of the body that absorbs all the shocks from walking. Every time you move your foot, friction between bones and muscles occurs. This may create degenerative conditions.

What Can Custom Moldable Inserts for Men Do?custom insoles corefit

They can alleviate heel spurs, calluses, foot corns, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis and overpronation or supination, among others. Most patients with these conditions prefer custom-made insoles because of their added support, as they’re designed to perfectly fit the specific needs of the wearer.

Corefit® custom insoles for men mold to and support your feet, thereby relieving much of the pain caused by degenerative foot conditions. They can also alleviate lower back pain caused by bone and muscle misalignment.

The use of custom insoles & inserts ensures healthy foot mechanics & reduces inflammation and restrictive movement. Because of that, many types of foot problems can be corrected effectively.

Are They Expensive?

Just because they are custom molded insoles doesn’t mean they’re expensive. Corefit® inserts offer the same benefits as custom-made insoles from orthopedic clinics at an affordable cost. (They’re especially ideal if your feet don’t conform to classical form or size.) They’re also beneficial if you have left or right asymmetry.

In the long-term, custom molded insoles & inserts are more effective as they can assist in providing support for the feet, legs & spine. The small investment made in these foot supports  are quickly recovered considering the recurring symptoms of pain and discomfort which are relieved. As a result, many experience fewer podiatrist visits.

Dip in Hot Water. Custom Fit in Seconds.

What separates Corefit® insoles for men from other custom insoles is the fact that they can be easily customized by simply dipping them in hot water before fitting your feet. Within a few seconds, you can have custom insoles. To start using custom insoles for men, contact us today: