the best orthotics in los angeles

Where Can You Expect To Find the Best Orthotics in Los Angeles

For those who need them, orthotics are essential to ease the moderate to severe pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis and other problems related to the feet. If you’ve gone through all the inserts it’s about time to use the solution. Orthotic shoe Inserts and foot supports need to be firm. If they are soft, they can’t provide the proper support. You get the best orthotics in Los Angeles when you buy from us at Corefit Orthotics.

Our products stand out above the others for many reasons. First of all, they are rigid and yet entirely customizable, which means they adapt to any type of foot and provide efficient pain relief. They can save both time and lots of money with the easy installment and wear. Shaping them to your foot takes 90 seconds, while regular custom arch supports may take days or weeks to develop. In addition, Corefit Orthotics cost a fraction of the price.

A long-lasting tradition in Orthotics

Corefit Self Moldable Inserts have been hand-crafted in California since 1932. We’ve supplied Podiatrists & the U.S. Military with our self-moldable podiatrist grade orthotics. Shark Tank Investor & Corefit Orthotics Partner Kevin Harrington loves them, too. Our custom moldable inserts have infinite benefits for those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur. Corefit® moldable orthotics can also prevent heel roll for those particularly vulnerable to foot and ankle injury. The goal of orthotics is to provide a better posture and weight distribution.

Most of the orthotic inserts available in the market are made with cellular sponge or foam rubber materials. They may provide some shock absorption, but they lack a minimum therapeutic control and support necessary to be a solution to long-time sufferers of podiatric pain. Our Orthotics adapt to any foot in a matter of seconds. Simply immersed in hot water and fitted to your foot is all you need for a custom treatment. It is as simple as that!

the Best Orthotics in Los Angeles


Get yourself some long-lasting relief

When you buy Corefit Orthotics, you’re buying high quality and relief. With our products, your foot is held in a natural position, while your heel, arch, instep and metatarsal joints are cushioned. Moldable orthotics additionally help control abnormal foot motion if you have previously experienced multiple foot injuries that have affected your stride. Eventually, continued improper motion can lead to conditions like Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. The use of Corefit Orthotics can prevent them, as well as take care of your current ache.

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