Fighting Back with High Arch Supports

Suffering from high arch pain ? Experiencing arch or ankle discomfort after a long day at work, or a couple of miles of running? If this is you, it’s very likely you’re one of the millions of individuals facing the challenges presented by Pes cavus (in medical terminology, also high instep or high arch).  As with cases of flat feet, high arches tend to be painful due to metatarsal compression issues; however, high arches (especially if they’re flexible)may be an asymptomatic condition and treatable.


Those suffering with pes cavus sometimes have difficulty finding shoes that fit comfortably and may require support in their shoes. Corefit Orthotics address these ailments at an affordable cost, helping high arch foot pain sufferers avoid the costs associated with made to order shoes and orthotics.


Deal with High Arches by Using High Arch Supports