Custom Insoles for Women by Corefit®

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Custom insoles can provide women the best support for the foot. Our feet are quite unique. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf insoles aren’t. Instead, most are made for a wide variety of feet and prefabricated with the assumption that all women have identical left and right feet. Obviously, we don’t.Corefit® Custom Moldable Inserts are custom molded to each individual foot so they can provide unique comfort and individualized support. Because they’re custom moldable, they can conform to their curves and arches of your feet. The difference attributes of each foot are addressed by each support.

Better Health

Orthotics are designed to address different types of misalignment issues, which are the cause of many injuries. If you use poorly fitted insoles, you’re unwittingly placing your feet in an unhealthy position. As a result, foot function is impaired and overall body alignment is exacerbated.Poorly fitting insoles can also cause pain and bruising to the female foot. The only way to alleviate this is with the use of custom moldable inserts. Corefit® Heat Moldable Insoles provide cradled support your feet without causing excess rigidity. Since 1932, podiatrists have used these orthopedic devices to adjust or treat abnormal foot motion for their patients. Unlike other custom insoles, Corefit moldable inserts aren’t manufactured from gel or foam. Instead, their manufactured in the USA using a proprietary compound which softens to customize, and firms after cooling; moldable and personalized to fit an individual foot within seconds.

How It Works

To mold them, simply dip the inserts in hot water for about 20 seconds to soften. Then, custom fit or shape them to your non weight bearing feet.They’re especially great if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis. It’s a disorder that causes pain in the heel and bottom of your foot. With the use of these custom insoles, this disorder can be resolved and treated. They’re also ideal for treating high arches and heel spur If over time they lose their shape, you can easily re-shape them by re-dipping them in hot water.Once you start using them, you’ll find that the increased support lessens your pain. In a short period of time, most experience a measurable improvement the intense pain in feet and calves.To order your pair of Corefit® insoles for women, please contact us today: