Corefit® Heat Moldable Insoles

Shock-Absorbing Insoles

Hiking, running and cycling are three types of activities that can cause foot pain and injuries. Without proper insoles & inserts, ill fitting footwear can cause foot and body aches. This discomfort can hamper your enjoyment of the activities that you once enjoyed and the overall life experience. For proper foot support & comfort, consider custom moldable shoe inserts. Although all boots and shoes have basic insoles, custom molded insoles are desirable as they provide customized support to the foot.

Shock-Absorbing Insoles

Corefit® moldable insoles comfortably absorb the weight of the body as they’re specifically designed to give individual wearers the customized comfort that their feet need. They’re especially great for those who experience occasional foot pain when standing, or injuries from walking on hard surfaces.

The difference between Corefit® insoles and others on the market is that the former isn’t made from the gel or foam most mass marketed insoles are made from. Rather, they’re made entirely in the USA from a proprietary compound that can effectively relieve foot fatigue and discomfort. Corefit® Heat Moldable Inserts also encourage proper posture.

Compared with most orthotic inserts being sold by podiatrists, our insoles are more affordable. In fact, up to recently, our product was made available exclusively to podiatrists and medical professionals only. Now, they’re available to you for only $59.99! They support not only the metatarsal and longitudinal arches but they also allow your feet to effectively maintain body balance. You can purchase them directly from Corefit® at, or from retailers which include Sears, and other online stores.

For just the fraction of the cost, Corefit® Heat Moldable Inserts can provide custom support for the feet and alleviate structural misalignment, as well as relive the pain associated with plantar fasciitis and overpronation.

Easy to Custom Fit

Simply dip Corefit® inserts in hot water for about 20 seconds. Then remove them using tongs to grasp them from the front/toe area. In a seated position, with a sock on the foot, use your fingers and hand to mold each insert to the arch and heel of your foot. Once they cool, simply insert them into your shoe. It’s that simple! What’s best about them is that they conform to the natural arch and shape of your feet. You can even trim them to suit your individual needs. To start enjoying a foot pain free life, you can order Corefit® Heat Moldable Inserts at: