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Bunion Facts

Bunions tend to form when imbalances or abnormal forces are exerted on the joints and tendons of the foot, which in effect disrupt their natural balance. Instability is the end result; this is what causes the deformity we know as a bunion. While bunions can appear to be inherited, it is the foot type and…

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Orthotic Inserts for Men

The use of orthotic inserts can have a major impact on your health. Did you know that a foot condition can immediately impair the normal functioning of your body? Excessive pronation, for instance, affects three quarters of the US population. Sufferers often avoid standing, causing them to miss many opportunities in their lives. Plantar fasciitis…

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Custom Insoles for Women by Corefit®

Custom insoles can provide women the best support for the foot. Our feet are quite unique. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf insoles aren’t. Instead, most are made for a wide variety of feet and prefabricated with the assumption that all women have identical left and right feet. Obviously, we don’t.Corefit® Custom Moldable Inserts are custom molded to each…

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