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1939 Corefit “Miracle Device” Print Ad


“Our family owned company’s self-imposed standards  are exemplified by the passion we applied in our hand-finishing.”

In 1932, J.D. Zinke, the late founder of the Zinke’s Shoe Company, made custom shoes the way they were made in Germany…”with contoured insoles, formed to fit the foot.” Unlike factory-made shoes, which had flat insoles, his custom shoes left one feeling as though they were walking “on soft earth” instead of pavement. Then, Mr. Zinke thought, “Why not manufacture an individual custom insole that can be inserted into a standard type shoe, giving its wearer the comfort that is only derived from expensive custom-made shoes?”


He and a group of specialists then developed a perfect, custom moldable insole which also turned out to be a revolutionary foot support. You’ll notice we didn’t simply say “arch support”…because it was actually a complete foot support. It supported the weight bearing areas of the foot…both cradling the heel and supporting the longitudinal and metatarsal arches; providing solid comfort and relieving many foot disorders. The end result, coined the “Miracle Device” was thus born: a custom moldable insole that when inserted into the shoe turns out to actually be a superior foot support, doing the job far better than most molded orthotic devices custom fitted by podiatrists that sell for $300 and upward. Up to now, his discovery has been sold exclusively to podiatrists, medical professionals and the US Military. We believe that while we are at the forefront of developments in orthotics, many tasks are best done by hand. Fortunately, as a family owned company, we’re able to nurture and preserve the traditional and complex hand-finishing skills that make our custom moldable orthotics so unique. These self-imposed standards culminate in our only product: The Corefit Self Moldable Shoe Insert.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! We’re so sure that Corefit Orthotics will help YOU walk with less foot pain that we offer an unconditional 30 DAY RETURN PERIOD. If Corefit Orthotics don’t pass your “test drive”, simply call our U.S. based consumer relations team at 1-800-672-4987, send them back within 30 days and we’ll refund the FULL purchase price with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • OVER ONE MILLION SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SINCE 1932. Just 4 years ago, our Handcrafted Self Moldable Inserts were THE best kept secret amongst medical and podiatric professionals. The WORLD now knows about our truly evolutionary handcrafted foot support device. In fact, brief periods of back-orders due to growing demand are not uncommon. Don’t wait for the next supply shortage. Order your pair of Corefit Self Moldable Custom Shoe Inserts TODAY!