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Custom Moldable Orthotic Insoles for Only $29.95 a pair?

"I've used your heat moldable orthotics for 25 years of practice. They're durable, relatively inexpensive and have been an excellent over-the-counter supportive device."

Dr. Michael O'Toole,

 Custom Orthotics

Core Fit™ Heat Moldable Custom Orthotics. Not Gel. Not Foam. Just Effective.™

Many of history's most revolutionary products and materials were discovered by accident. In the 1930's, company founder J.D. Zinke manufactured custom shoes for a discriminating clientele in the same way custom footware was made in Germany: with individually contoured insoles formed to perfectly fit each individual foot. They were unlike the flat insoled factory made shoes which were common at the time. This individualized approach resulted in a shoe which made its wearer feel as though they were walking on soft earth instead of hard pavement. Mr. Zinke then thought, "Why not design a custom insole which can be inserted into a standard shoe that gives its wearer the custom made experience? Hence, a revolutionary discovery: not only did his team of scientists design and develop a moldable insole; his creation also turned out to be a revolutionary orthotic insole, much unlike a common "arch support".

What are Orthotics?

Most think orthotics are simple arch supports or shoe inserts. However, they're much, much more. Orthotics are orthopedic devices made to treat or adjust abnormal foot motion; they provide foot support, stability and control. Custom Orthotic insoles increase balance, absorb shock and relieve pressure on uncomfortable or sore spots of the foot. Custom molded orthotics address an individual foots' specific needs. It is important to remember that your feet are the foundation of your entire body. How your feet perform can affect how your entire body feels and performs. The stability and efficiency of the foot and ankle promote better foot health and overall body function.

Core Fit Custom Orthotics are indeed a COMPLETE orthotic insole, supporting the entire foot by cradling the heel and supporting both the longitudinal and metatarsal arches. Core Fit provides solid comfort while at the same time relieving numerous foot disorders; they also have proven efficacy with most athletic applications. Our orthotic insole, when inserted into a shoe, transforms itself into a superior support device. It provides more comfort than many others on the market which sell for multiples above our retail price of just $29.95. Our Core Fit Orthotic Insoles have evolved into an affordable, customizable foot support device designed specifically for podiatrists and physicians, which are now available to you. Our Core Fit Insoles are a heat moldable solution designed & developed with orthotics in mind; a conscious commitment to providing both a highly effective, low cost foot care product. This focus on both quality and affordability has been at the center of our business model since the beginning.

Each pair of our Core Fit™ Custom Orthotics is handcrafted entirely in the USA.

We bridge the gap between custom orthotics and flimsy store bought rubber, gel and foam insoles with our Core Fit Orthotic Insoles. Most store purchased inserts and insoles are fabricated from simple cellular sponge and/or foam rubber materials. These inserts may provide some shock absorption, but minimal (if any) therapeutic control and support. Our pre-molded insoles can be personalized to fit any individuals' foot in just seconds by simply dipping them in hot water and custom fitting to the foot. It's that simple!

The foot is held in a natural position to cushion heel, arch, instep and metatarsal joints. Our insole helps prevent heel roll, and provides better posture while providing better weight distribution. As a result, our Core Fit insoles helps control abnormal foot motion, especially excessive pronation. This motion, over extended periods, can lead to the development of conditions which include Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain), shin splints and lower back pain. Our Core Fit Orthotic Insoles are superior to orthotic inserts which are pre molded and mass produced by size only.

Our insoles simplify foot care by simplifying the fitting process:

Immerse our orthotic insoles in boiling water for 15 seconds (Never place insoles inside a microwave)
Allow to cool until comfortable to the touch. (Approximately 30 seconds)
Place the device in position beneath the foot, then using your fingers and the heel of your hand, mold the insole to the contours of the patients' foot, paying particular attention to the longitudinal and metatarsal arch areas.
When the insole has cooled to room temperature, it is then ready to be placed in the patients shoe and worn.
If the device becomes uncomfortable, dip only the troublesome portion in boiling water and repeat manipulation by hand.
When reheated, your custom insole will return to its original shape and can be remolded., Orthopedic Appliances, Burbank, CA